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          Celebrating David Zipperer

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          A kind and endlessly thoughtful man, Zip’s care for others was exemplified by the personalized tributes and gifts he gave to countless Academy alums - after first committing each of their birthdays to memory.  He demonstrated that same attention to detail in all he did behind-the-scenes as well, bringing a mix of professionalism, dedication, and joy to productions spanning the decades.
          In recent days, many members of the alumni community have generously shared their fond memories of Zip, recalling his vast assortment of theatre and film memorabilia, all the times he came to rescue various productions desperately in-need of props, his tutelage and guidance for students while serving as Director of Production, and his talents as a compelling storyteller.
          Zip always showed unwavering dedication to his alma mater, extolling the learning experiences that had impacted him and helping numerous students, colleagues, and alumni pursue their own deeply meaningful artistic journeys. Simply put, he loved his life and he loved The Academy.
          To a person, our Academy community loved him back.
          Plans to celebrate Zip’s life and honor his unique contributions to The Academy will be shared soon. Alumni who would like to contribute a memory of Zip are invited to join our community discussion by visiting the Alumni Facebook page.

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